Working with us

Our customers value us for the quality of our products, the consistency of our service and our problem-solving abilities. Here are some of the other qualities you can expect from us.

Customer support

All customers have access to our knowledgeable team of developers and pricing experts. We offer a bespoke service based around your needs.

If you have an issue with our software, you can simply contact us by email to be assigned a team member to help resolve your problem.

A man wearing a headset uses a laptop.

Client-driven development

Our products are under continuous development. All users benefit from new features and improvements as they are released.

We work directly with all of our clients to gather ideas for future releases.

Software updates occur every three weeks and combine new functionality, improvements and bug fixes to improve usability and stability.


Your data is encrypted, in transit and at rest. We follow strict practices to ensure your data remains protected.


Our production sites are monitored continuously.

In the event of failure, local or remote backups can be used to restore service in a timely manner.


To help you and your auditors, you can request access to our SOC 2 or ISAE 3402 reports (Type 1 and 2), as verified by a third party.

These demonstrate how ClearLife achieves key compliance controls and objectives to support operations and protect your data.

What our clients say

ClearLife is the most respected software vendor in the life settlement industry. We are delighted to recommend ClariNet LS to our life settlement clients.

Scott Gibson, Lewis & Ellis

Magna’s entire acquisition process from bidding to closing has been streamlined and shortened, thanks to ClariNet LS.

Magna Life Settlements

The team at ClearLife is very responsive and helpful whenever we have any technical or pricing issues.

Riverrock Asset Management

Our ability to quickly and easily stress portfolios in ClariNet LS has given Vida a strong edge in the market.

Vida Capital Inc.

ClearLife was extremely helpful when we first started using the system. There are constant updates to ClariNet LS plus responsive support.

Riverrock Asset Management