2011 Releases

ClariNet LS was last updated on 16 February 2024.

There have been a total of 333 releases.

Please contact us if you need more details about any release.

19 December 2011

COI interpolation, add Received Transaction on existing Cases, Send Received Cases, Split Bid History, Closing Transactions and Other Improvements.

  • Allow users to specify first period COI interpolation method
  • Ability to create a Received Transaction on an existing Case
  • Ability to Send Received Cases
  • Split Bid History
  • Closing Transactions
  • Other Improvements

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_21_v2_111219.pdf

22 November 2011

Sent, Received and Closing Transactions, Case Merging, Treatment of First Premium Payment in Illustration, Ability to change the COI curve and layout improvement, Changes to IRR calculations on Portfolio Valuation page, Allow NAIC Number in XML import, Policy Owner Type, etc.

  • Allow NAIC Number for Carrier in XML import
  • Policy Owner Type
  • Case lists: Sent and Received
  • Case lists: Closing Transactions
  • Case Merging
  • Treatment of First Premium Payment in Illustration
  • Ability to change the COI curve and layout improvement
  • Changes to IRR calculations on Portfolio Valuation page
  • Pricing improvements
  • Add Page Count and Size to documents
  • Improve readability of XML import errors

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_20_v3_111122.pdf

07 September 2011

Integrated Ordering of Fasano and EMSI LE reports, Cart and Electronic Payment, CRM mini-site for Organizations and Individuals, Changes to Case Setup Form and Insured pages, New support page and support email.

  • Integrated Ordering of Fasano and EMSI Life Expectancy reports
  • Changes to Case Setup Form and Insured pages
  • Cart and Electronic Payment
  • CRM mini-site for Organizations and Individuals
  • New support page and support email

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_19_v2_110907.pdf

Version 1.20 is expected to be released in October.

01 August 2011

New Anti-Fraud page, ICD9 codes, improvements to Case Setup Form, snapshot of Case Submissions now saved, Lump Sum Premium and Retained Death Benefit added, new FAQ page.

  • A read-only snapshot of the Case (including documents) is now saved when submitting Cases and the Case Reference can be retained when submitting to other parties.
  • The Case Setup Form has been improved to allow quicker creation of a Case.
  • Documents are no longer required when creating Underwriter Reports.
  • New Anti-Fraud/Compliance page added to Case Summary View.
  • ICD9 codes were added to Insured Information.
  • New FAQ page added to the Help menu.
  • Lump sum premium option was added to Premium Calculator and Retained Death Benefit added to pricing.
  • Fees have been simplified in the Pricing Model.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_18_110801.pdf

Version 1.19 is expected to be released in September.

24 June 2011

Portfolio import from Excel, improved management of insured lives, AM Best ratings information now shown, state regulatory information database, updates to valuation page.

    • It’s now possible to add and delete the insured lives on a policy and to mark an insured as deceased at any point. Previously, the insured could only be marked as deceased as part of the servicing workflow.
    • The redundant Extended DB Rider field has been removed from the illustration and is now only stored at the policy level. Pricing now runs off the maturity age stored at the policy level; the illustration maturity age captures how far the illustration extends.
    • The valuation page has been improved so that it only calculates on demand. It also now shows the aged LE.
    • AM Best carrier rating information is now shown in ClariNet. This data is updated quarterly.
    • A new page has been added where subscribers can maintain a private database of state regulatory information.
    • It’s now possible to import policy portfolios from Excel. A template is provided which shows the required spreadsheet layout.
    • Release Notes are here:


Version 1.18 is expected to be released mid-August.

10 May 2011

Parallel portfolio pricing, multiple simultaneous document upload, rapid case submission to multiple recipients, improvements to Document tab on Case Summary.

  • Pricing of First-To-Die Joint Life Policies.
  • Case Submission process handles sending to multiple recipients simultaneously.
  • New parameter on Illustration page to show Insured age at the start or end of the Policy year.
  • Generate a Contract Package as a single Word document from multiple Document Templates.
  • Store tax ID or SSN with Organizations or Individuals in Interaction.
  • Business Gateway extensions to handle rules on the existence of documents on a Case.
  • Improvements to Case Summary Documents tab to allow users to add any type of document including documents where the Insured, Illustration, etc., must be chosen.
  • Contract Package documents are now displayed on the appropriate tab in the Case Summary as well as in the Contract Package.
  • New Portfolio Summary report.
  • Cases can now be imported and exported with their associated documents.
  • Improvements to Valuation Page.
  • Premium Optimization extended to Term and Whole Life Policies.
  • All users now have access to the File Upload feature in ClariNet to send files to ClearLife.
  • Users can now upload multiple documents simultaneously.
  • Added ability to store reference code associated with an Investor on a Case.
  • Added ability to designate a contact at the Broker.
  • Allow users to make/record multiple bids on a Case without counter offers.
  • Portfolio pricing calculations now run in parallel.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_16.pdf

Version 1.17 is expected to be released mid-June.

18 March 2011

Information about AV/CSV on Start Date and Value Date, ability to combine/separate insured lives, calculation of post-purchase IRR, short-form case setup, document templates, optional bid approval workflow step, additional Monte Carlo outputs.

  • The Account Value and Cash Surrender Value on Start Date and Value Date are now shown on the pricing page. The values can now automatically be included as bid conditions.
  • A new panel has been added on the valuation page to show the COI.
  • A new page has been added called Insured Consolidation. This allows you to remove duplicate insured lives and to correct data errors; for example, if two policies incorrectly reference a single insured life.
  • A new column has been added on the portfolio page which calculates the post-purchase IRR. This will be computed if a price allocation has been set on that case.
  • A new case setup process is available. This is a single page that captures a subset of case information in order to allow transmission of the case to a recipient quickly and for the recipient to complete the setup themselves.
  • Document template functionality has been added for contract package generation. This allows you to create a document template in Word that can reference case data. During the closing process, this template will be filled in with data from the actual case.
  • A new optional workflow step called Bid Approval has been added. This allows you to have bids approved before they are submitted.
  • Selection of Case Closer. When a bid is accepted, the user is now required to select who closes the case.
  • The payment of premium between the Account Value Date and the Start Date (sometimes known as Projection Date), can now be specified during premium calculation. Previously, this was specified in the Premium Calculator Template. The value is now taken from the Template unless is it overridden on the Premium Calculator page.
  • A series of additional data points are now available from the Monte Carlo calculator, specifically geared towards viewing distribution information. The NPV, IRR and LE are shown for the portfolio for each simulation.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_15_v1_110307.pdf

Version 1.16 is expected to be released at the end of April.

04 February 2011

Price allocation and bidding improvements, improved case importer, ability to attach documents to bids, extended valuation page, improvements to Excel exporter, user defined case statuses, auto-generated Case Identifiers.

  • It is now possible to have Case Identifiers generated automatically by ClariNet. The format for these identifiers can be chosen from a set of templates defined by ClearLife. New templates can be added on request.
  • The News and Announcements panels on the home page update asynchronosly, making the loading of that page faster.
  • A new tab has been added to the Case Summary page called Price Allocation. This allows users to specify how the price paid for a case is allocated amongst the counterparties in a transaction.
  • Bid splits can now be specified on both the valuation and bidding pages. A bid can be created on the valuation page and a button allows users to place a bid directly from this page. This means users can calculate the implied IRR and then bid on that basis.
  • Documents can now be attached to bids. For example a PDF containing conditions related to a bid can be sent along with the bid.
  • It’s now possible to solve for a single IRR from the gross price on the valuation page.
  • The assumed AV/CSV at the Start Date of a premium schedule is now shown on both the premium schedule and valuation pages.
  • Users can define their own case statuses and manage these statuses on the bid management page. This is useful for managing information about cases that have been sent out to both ClariNet subscribers and external case recipients.
  • The Excel exporter has been improved so that cash flows are shown on a common list of dates (i.e. cash flows on the same date line up). This is useful for carrying out cash flow calculations in Excel on data exported from ClariNet.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_14_v2_110204.pdf

Version 1.15 is expected to be released in mid March.