ClariNet LS was last updated on 26 January 2023.

There have been a total of 283 releases.

Please contact us if you need more details about any release.

26 January 2023


  • Case Access: download all link on DocumentVerification.aspx page appears to hang forever
  • Reports, Closing Report: using a header or footer document causes the downloaded file to be empty

25 January 2023

New Features

  • LE Reports: add ability to store Diagnosis
  • LE Reports: add ability to use Custom Fields

24 January 2023

New Features

  • External Access: enable external servicer to access to configured portfolios and cases
  • External Access: add Portfolio permission admin page
  • External Access, Authentication: create External Servicer role with limited access points
  • Admin, Diagnosis: add admin page to manage Diagnosis and Diagnosis Categories


  • Search: saved searches should not be visible when the user does not have access to the fields in the search
  • User, Reset Password Email: Reset password link does not wrap onto a separate line and causes email to overflow
  • Portfolio, Valuation: Clarinet Whoops error when trying to save portfolio valuation with breakeven IRR calculation failure
  • Authentication: unexpectedly shown “login failed” page when user is not already logged in

16 January 2023


  • Authentication: A single user can be logged in in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Authentication: accepting user invite should not allow password to contain the username

10 January 2023


  • Exports: Create V2 BroadRiver Submission export format


  • Portfolio, List: search should not be case sensitive
  • Authentication: username validation should not allow commas
  • Admin, Custom Fields: rows in the custom fields tables are too small to be legible
  • Contacts, Contact Detail: state options do not load when country is first selected
  • Case, Merge: case lock is not released after a merge is completed
  • Admin, Pricing and Risk: valuation templates active tab is incorrect
  • Authentication: client admin initiated password reset links are not functional
  • Admin, Contract Package Defaults: contract package template should not allow pdf uploads