Formed in 2007, we are a small UK-based remote team. We provide longevity software and consultancy for our clients who are professional investors and financial institutions.

Our way of working

ClearLife has embraced remote working since 2012. There’s no office, we all work from home.

Working hours are flexible, and you can spread your working hours evenly through the week at times that suit you.

We have a daily tech stand up, and very few meetings, you pick your work freely from the backlog.

Our organisation

At the beginning of 2024, there are six full-stack developers, one UI tester, one UX/UI designer, and a technology lead in the development team.

We also have a quantitative pricing team, looking after all pricing and valuation aspects.

Our CEO Mark is in charge of the business side of things. Everyone, including management, is easily available, just a video call away.

Learning & development

Find the learning resources that suit you. Each team member can get a subscription to a training site such as Pluralsight or Datacamp, with two hours per week during work time.

We’ll buy the books you want to aid you with your role.

There are also five days per year allocated to conferences or courses that you’d like to attend.

Why work for us?

Every day is different at ClearLife. You get the opportunity to organise your own working day.

Your work is released every two weeks and all developers are involved in the release rota.

We welcome your ideas about how to improve our working processes and development setups.

You freely pick your work from a backlog. Tickets are internal or requested by clients.

You’re given time each month to come up with new ideas and proof of concepts that improve what we do.

We’re actively working on improving our user experience through research and you can help implement this work.

We focus on improving software using short iterations rather than endless meetings and documentation.

We like to keep up to date. Think a new app would be good for us? Share it with the team.


  • 100% remote working (37.5 hour working week)
  • 26 days holiday plus bank holidays
  • One extra day holiday per year at ClearLife, up to 30 max in total
  • Flexible hours (bearing in mind team meetings and client support) good for school drop-offs and pickups, for early starters or for late workers
  • ClearLife matches your pension contribution up to 3% of base salary
  • ClearLife provides your computer hardware/software
  • Once or twice per month, company meetings with everyone, including business update and “elevator pitch” session for staff to present transformational ideas 
  • Up to three dedicated days per month to develop your own proof of concepts or non-work related ideas
  • Each team member can get a subscription to a training site such as Pluralsight or Datacamp, with two hours per week during work time
  • Five days per year allocated to conferences or courses
  • As you’ll work remotely, we contribute towards your utility bills