ClariNet LS

ClariNet LS for life settlements

ClariNet LS combines all of the tools necessary to run a successful business in life settlements. It is a web-based life assurance solution for all investor types.

We offer flexible module choices which allow you to customise your subscription based on what your team needs to succeed – from case setup to maturity.

All customers have access to our knowledgeable team of developers and pricing experts. We offer a bespoke service based around your needs.

ClariNet LS features

Manage cases

  • Case setup
  • Submit cases to prospective buyers
  • Illustrations
  • Life expectancy reports
  • Premium schedules
  • Document storage
  • Document redaction
  • Manage bidding
  • Audit log
  • Rating history (by AMBest)

Pricing & valuations

  • Probabilistic & deterministic pricing
  • Survival curves
  • All types of ageing for life expectancies
  • Industry standard mortality tables
  • Fasano Associates mortality tables*
  • NPV and IRR calculations
  • Key risk metrics
  • Exportable reports

Simplify closing

  • Generate closing documents
  • Create closing transactions
  • Breakdown bids by cost parts
  • Create case participants list
  • Document library for contract packages
  • Automated closing documents
  • Contract document tracking
  • Document verification
  • Closing checklist workflows

Bespoke reporting

  • Build custom reports
  • Create powerful export templates*
  • Import with XML, JSON or Excel
  • Export in Word, Excel, Text or PDF
  • Built-in reports
  • Customer support for custom reports

Smoother servicing

  • Track premium payment history
  • Bulk premium payment import/export
  • Order tracking & annual reports
  • Verification of coverage & medical records
  • Health status tracking with reminders
  • Attach call recordings to VOC
  • Task cycles (with different frequencies)
  • To do list & follow up flags
  • Automated document upload to cases

Value portfolios

  • Bulk upload portfolios with Excel
  • Case de-duping and import checks
  • Complex valuations
  • Premium optimisations
  • 100,000 simulations in Monte Carlo
  • Actual to Expected (A2E)
  • Performance analysis
  • Custom reporting
  • Export survival curves for cashflows

Liability management

  • Structure financing deals
  • Monitor deal performance
  • Simulate cashflow waterfalls
  • Cash accounts & stop loss insurance
  • Liabilities for debt and liquidty
  • Bullet or amortising debt structures
  • Simulate with all types of interest
  • Net death benefit payment calculations
  • Flexible priority settings for repayments
  • Model probability of default simulations
  • Export all results

Automate with our API

  • Connect custom applications to ClariNet LS
  • Use valuation and pricing tools externally
  • Programmatic access to valuations
  • Add and edit cases
  • Create custom reports in Excel
  • Automate PDF documents for policies
  • Pricing as a service with Monte Carlo
  • No need to store any data in ClariNet LS
  • Easy setup with API keys
  • Endpoint setup documentation
  • Development support team available

* There may be an additional cost to these features depending on which modules you choose.

Unsure if ClariNet LS is right for you? Speak to us about your requirements and we’ll show how it could work for you in a demo.