ClariNet CS

ClariNet CS for contingent settlements

ClariNet CS will help you price and manage the risk of both individual structured settlements and portfolios using a simple Excel based tool.

It’s also available as a Microsoft .NET based Excel add-on. Both options are designed for structured settlement investors, brokers and analysts.

All customers have access to our knowledgeable team of developers and pricing experts. We offer a bespoke service based around your needs.

ClariNet CS features

Flexible Excel based model

For both individual structured settlements and portfolios of settlements.

Mortality tables

Support for both user specified and built-in mortality tables. Built-in tables include SOA GAM, VBT and CDC.

Individual mortality

Modelling of individual mortality characteristics (mortality multiplier or LE50, smoking status, etc).

Cashflow pricing

Pricing of contingent and non-contingent cashflow streams.

Cashflow discounting

Support for both simple IRR and swap curve discounting as well as inflation adjustment.

Fixed income modelling

Fixed income style modelling of cashflows: swap spread, WAL, duration, etc.

Unsure if ClariNet CS is right for you? Speak to us about your requirements and we’ll show how it could work for you in a demo.