About Us

Our story begins in 2007, when Mark and Chris were working together in the Asset Finance Group at Mizuho International, a principal investment team formed to focus on the life settlements market.

How we started

After leaving Mizuho, Mark came up with the concept of “Bloomberg for life settlements” – a platform that would allow for communication between market participants and create a common language to express value and risk – and started ClearLife as the springboard to launch his idea.

In July 2009, the first version of ClariNet was released and in August 2009, Mark co-authored the leading professional work on market practice, “Life Settlements and Longevity Derivatives” (Wiley Finance, 2009).

Our team continues to leverage our experience as longevity investors to build practical solutions for our clients in all markets.

Founded in


Policies in ClariNet LS


Face amount in ClariNet LS

$2.09 trillion

Software releases

Every 3 weeks

Who we are

The core leadership team is Mark Venn (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer), Chris Stuart (Director and Chief Scientific Officer) and Thierry Suzanne (Director and Chief Technology Officer). Mark and Chris worked together at Mizuho International and Credit Suisse and Thierry joined us from Thomson Reuters and AXA Investment Managers.

Our full team skills include development, pricing, testing, and user experience.

We’re available to support your longevity needs either through our software or our consultancy services.

How we work

Formed in 2007, we are a UK-based team working remotely.

Our flexible working makes it easier to support our global customer base, who are located across the world – from Australia to the USA.

Our team

Part of the ClearLife team on a teams video call.

We currently have five full-stack and front-end developers, one UI tester, one UX/UI designer and the CTO in the development group.

There are three people in the quantitative research group.

Our CEO Mark is in charge of the business side of things.