Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.


CL-7715 Homepage, Case List: allow different columns in each list, column resizing and pinning
CL-7810 Case, Bidding and Closing Transactions: verify upgrade to new style
CL-7896 Case, Audit Log: allow longer time to generate the content for large logs
CL-7513 Case, Servicing: Upgrade to new style
CL-7504 Case, Valuations: Upgrade to new style
CL-7497 Case, Insured, Summary: Upgrade to new style
CL-7509 Case, Valuation Settings: Upgrade to new style
CL-7719 Servicing, Faxing and SMS: update software to latest version
CL-7512 Case, External Valuation History: Upgrade to new style


CL-7882 Invite E-mail: Change “Case Summary” to “Case View”
CL-7878 Case, Order Tracking: Completed Date is not indicated as a required field
CL-7892 Insured, Consolidation: Does not properly match Insureds unless SSN is provided
CL-7907 Portfolio, Monte-Carlo: charts can’t swap between Periodic/Cumulative and different Statistics
CL-7906 Login, MFA: MFA textbox should have focus (cursor inside it)
CL-7897 Case: Searchable dropdowns not auto focusing
CL-7869 Case, Policy Verification: Incorrect tooltip for Lapse Risk Analysis
CL-7876 Case: Left hand edge styling issues
CL-7820 Case, Documents: Edit is hidden behind textbox during scroll
CL-7877 Case, Illustration: Changes can be lost when jumping to view an Illustration
CL-7821 Case, Transactions: On Resubmit Documents can all be pre-selected unintentionally
CL-7940 Case View: make all Edit buttons scroll with page
CL-7778 Case, Creation (Form): Uploading a large Document results in an unhelpful error