Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.


CL-7517 Case, Grace Notices: Upgrade to new style
CL-7724 Upgrade database connection and caching layer
CL-7510 Case, Pricing Settings: Upgrade to new style
CL-6696 CRM: Investigate and improve speed on searching
CL-7498 Case, Insured, LE Reports: Upgrade to new style
CL-7508 Case, Illustration: Upgrade to new style
CL-7791 Public API, Report Status: Add a 4h timeout and return 400 Bad Request after that


CL-7781 Custom Fields, Imports & Exports: Very small decimal values export in scientific notation which cannot be reimported
CL-7777 Case, Transactions: Bid Condition fields don’t populate from Admin/Defaults correctly
CL-7772 Admin, Interaction: Some fields under Bid Condition Defaults section are not saving and two fields missing
CL-7759 Portfolio XML Export: Custom Fields are missing
CL-7775 Advanced Search: Incorrect validation error when reloading Saved Search results
CL-7740 Case, Insured, LE Reports: Cleared values should not remain selected by Valuation Settings
CL-7776 Portfolio, Actual Expected: Duplicated error messages during Durational Probabilistic generation
CL-7830 Case, Policy: Edit incorrectly disabled after modifying Documents
CL-7588 Portfolio, Closing Checklists: Console error when editing a date column
CL-7823 Case, Policy Verification: Incorrect message can be shown on Delete tooltip
CL-7825 Insured, Servicing: Ensure Lock is handled correctly when adding HSC


CL-7796 Modern Grids: Update license