Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-7634 Pricing: some cleanup of tests
CL-7580 Custom Fields, Case Merging: Support Source/Target selection
CL-7424 Custom Fields, Export Templates: Allow Custom Fields to be included in Export Templates
CL-7423 Custom Fields, Reports: Allow Custom Fields to be included in Custom Reports


CL-7542 Export Templates: further improvements and bug fixes
CL-7572 Montgomery/Coventry Servicing, XML Import: Handle duplicate records during Insured Tracking import
CL-7493 Case, Documents: Upgrade to new style
CL-7491 Case, Policy: Upgrade to new style
CL-7313 Valuation Settings for A2E: add historical weightings to import/export including Excel Uploader
CL-7538 Documents, Redaction: Upgrade PDF/Image conversion tool
CL-7635 Case, Documents: Add Document Type filter


CL-7652 Error from log: Error sending an invite to a user with an e-mail address already taken
CL-7563 Case, Premium Schedules and Valuations: change confusing label “Start Date” on AV/CSV and Assumptions tabs
CL-7215 User Activity Report: Can sometimes show “Something went wrong” error when requesting a large number of results