Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-7234 Policy: Allow Policy Maturity and Coverage End Date to be specified instead of ages
CL-7426 Custom Fields, Import & Export: Add Custom Fields to XML
CL-7560 Custom Fields, Portfolio Snapshot: Include Custom Fields in Snapshots
CL-7389 Custom Fields, UI: Show and Edit Custom Fields for Case, Insured or Policy
CL-7202 Montgomery/Coventry Servicing, XML Import: import “Maturity Info” XML
CL-7388 Custom Fields, Infrastructure: Store custom field values for Case, Insured or Policy
CL-7574 Montgomery/Coventry Servicing, XML Import: import “Paid To Date” XML


CL-7323 Advanced Search, Case Lists: upgrade to new-style and use same new grid as homepage
CL-7490 Case, Case page: Upgrade to new style
CL-7559 Case, Case merging: Upgrade to new style


CL-7270 Insured Servicing: Tracking Agent can show blank entries
CL-7416 Case, Illustration: Move “First Premium is Annualized” and do not select “Loan” on creating new Illustration
CL-7287 Documents: Document upload won’t allow repeated upload/delete of unsaved document
CL-5405 Servicing: Alerts and Red Pill shows for snapshot cases