Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-7201 Montgomery/Coventry Servicing, XML Import: import “Income DB” XML
CL-7203 Montgomery/Coventry Servicing, XML Import: import “Servicing” XML
CL-7182 Illustration: Add checkbox and column to deal with time varying loan accrual rate
CL-7185 Premium Calculator: Add NLG Payment Start Date


CL-7311 Insured, LE Reports: Edit LE Reports using Public ID in Excel Importer and new API
CL-7330 Home Page: Load searches individually
CL-7151 Closing, Document Verification: edit without changing page
CL-7153 Closing, Closing Checklist: edit without changing page
CL-7362 Task Scheduler: Improve memory monitoring


CL-7399 Case View: Error when viewing Case with Case Reference ending with a dot
CL-7403 Case: Portfolio popup doesn’t link to Search for Portfolios containing the Case
CL-7401 Case, Valuations: Selecting “On the Fly” with no other data yields generic error when generating
CL-7405 Case, RDB: Table Parameters styling issues
CL-7402 Case, Premium Schedule: Manual Premium Schedule not showing Coverage or Deduction End in Policy Summary
CL-7376 Payment History: Import of zero premium amounts are imported as nothing
CL-7383 Import, Transactions: Inform user when Transaction is missing Counter Party information
CL-7341 Case, Payment History: Import/Export round-trip for Premium Schedule Month inconsistency
CL-7411 Case, Closing: Sub-tab content incorrect after switching between transactions
CL-7337 Case, Valuation: “On the Fly” LE Report not working for Scratch Pad
CL-7407 Case, Closing: Unable to delete Closing transaction
CL-7409 Case, Closing: Styling issues around Edit buttons