Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-7125 Admin, User Logs: add report of daily first/last activity per user
CL-7108 Public API: preliminary work to auto-generate documentation
CL-7067 Premium Calculator: add field to NLGs to represent floor on AV


CL-5674 Portfolios, Servicing Tasks: use the new grid to allow grouping, sorting, filtering, reordering columns, etc.
CL-7070 Public API: New endpoint to return built-in reports
CL-7149 Closing, Price Allocation: edit without changing page
CL-7142 Transactions: Add new Trade Name field
CL-7140 Admin, Users: various improvements (add column showing Client Admin, show total number of users…)
CL-7064 Premium Schedules: add Premium Calculator Template dropdown to Illustrated Premium Schedules
CL-6882 AutoImport: re-instate clean-up of log entries older than 30 days


CL-5832 Pricing: Surrender Charge curve is calculated incorrectly for Gross Account Value Illustrations not paying ongoing Loan Interest
CL-7146 Pricing: Wrong Age Basis Calculation used to determine qx row
CL-7134 Submissions: Fix problems duplicating policy verifications
CL-7191 Error from log – Error editing Transaction Summary due to Date format
CL-7195 Portfolio Servicing can show deceased Insured Tasks In Second To Die Policies