Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6907 Built-In Report: Add new 1099FIRE Report


CL-6292 Pricing: use Annual Loan Payment field from Illustration
CL-6921 Case: when removing DOD, warn the user before clearing fields on Cost/Maturity/Disposal page
CL-6414 Pricing: Make Monte Carlo downloads consistent with Portfolio Valuation page
CL-6934 Database deployment tool: Enable conditional constraints
CL-6872 Closing Transactions: Remove duplication of Closing Side in Closing Transactions
CL-6158 Pricing: Premium Calculator, for increasing Policies show the Face + AV/CSV in DB field
CL-6915 Illustration: add field to allow annual payments of Loan Interest
CL-7001 Portfolio list: replace CSV with XLSX download and rename XML download filename to include Portfolio name


CL-5908 Audit Log: Entities that have not changed appearing in log
CL-6924 Portfolio Valuation, export: Fails to export when pricing based on Custom IRR
CL-6973 Pricing: Longevity Calculation Type = “Monthly” can generate incorrect survival curve for LE Report date after 28th with Policy Date 28th
CL-6147 Pricing: Premium Calculator: Annual Summary does not include POPCAT value
CL-7012 Case: Increase HTML conformity
CL-6262 Pricing: Mqx Chart on Single Policy Valuation screen is incorrect for some LE reports
CL-7000 Case Summary, Valuations: Large Survival Risk Analysis table can cause slow down
CL-6808 Pricing: Deterministic Results: downloading Deterministic Results file shows an error when fewer than 3 Custom IRRs are selected
CL-6854 Pricing: Premiums shown in Portfolio Composition are not correct at LE50 Date
CL-7010 Buy Box: Case info bar appears when it shouldn’t and Underwriters drop-down uses verbose name
CL-7007 Case, Transactions: Case Closing side selection issue
CL-7011 Admin, Compliance Checklist Defaults: Required field not treated as required
CL-6983 Error from log: Username containing commas causes an error
CL-6996 Case: Stop content moving around during load
CL-7016 Case, Illustration: Fix checkbox alignment
CL-7005 Case, Comments: Clicking tick icon does not change selection
CL-7008 Case: Date picker styling issue after using the calendar
CL-6992 Closing Dashboard: Error exporting Report to Excel
CL-7003 User, Change Security Details: Incorrect validation shown for existing password