Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6824 Help Pages – New design
CL-6849 Admin, State Regulations: Allow document attachment
CL-6898 Pricing: New Valuation Parameter to Specify Use of Previous Month NDB in Calculating Expected Cashflows


CL-6878 Portfolio, Snapshots: Allow customisation of Name and add Snapshot Types
CL-6880 Case: add alternative Case Reference fields for Agent, Broker and Provider
CL-6855 Admin, State Regulations: Convert to new style
CL-6761 Bidding Transactions: add Custom Bid Status to Case lists
CL-6899 Case Summary: Combine “Case lock” and “edits in progress” indicators
CL-6914 Portfolio: increase name’s maximum length from 50 to 200 characters
CL-6868 Bidding Transactions: add “Focus” radio button to Sent and Received Transactions table
CL-6874 LE Reports: Add Underwriter Polaris Underwriting Technologies
CL-6699 Servicing, Faxing: update software to latest version


CL-6274 Case Summary: new style modal popups are not greying out the background
CL-6271 Pricing: Interest payments are not generated for Whole Life policies with loans
CL-6678 Case Summary, Servicing tab: the Servicing Tasks list should update when Insured Date of Death is entered
CL-6343 Problems Logging In Screen: Typing token into UI rather than clicking link in email doesn’t work
CL-6677 Case Summary, Servicing tab: when no Portfolio is selected, the “No Servicing Tasks” message should be shown
CL-6738 Closing, Contract Package: Add document button not aligned with document type dropdown in Firefox
CL-6919 Case, Insured: Insured consolidation popup doesn’t have the correct width.
CL-6918 Case: Browser console error appears on load.