Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6813 New Export format to send Cases to Resscapital


CL-6799 Case Summary, Cost / Maturity / Disposal: split into 3 tabs and add new 1099 fields
CL-6710 Pricing: improve architecture of Pricing Model in relation to the website
CL-6685 Deterministic Valuation: extend Realized IRR scenarios out to Coverage End
CL-6065 Audit Log: Implement remainder of Client Audit Type


CL-6870 User menu, Customize Homepage: fix data error
CL-6864 Pricing: Realized IRR is divided by 100 in Monte Carlo Per Simulation Results Excel
CL-6861 Error from log: Saving Registered owner as an Individual and setting an Address will cause an error
CL-6859 Pricing: Deterministic Valuation sheet in Excel Case Export is badly formatted when there are many IRR rows
CL-6858 Error from log: Duplicate API request parameters cause an error in the log
CL-6852 Case Summary, Transactions: unable to remove a Custom Bid Status from a Transaction
CL-6845 Top menu on smaller screens: prevent top right search box from showing on a second line
CL-6814 Pricing: Calculation of Date of death in deterministic sheet is inconsistent with Portfolio Valuation
CL-6790 Case Summary, Servicing Tasks: Health and Contact Details tasks are not showing
CL-6772 Admin Log: optimize logging of the start of a request
CL-6386 Advanced Search: Face Amount should search on Policy instead of Illustration
CL-6068 Audit Log: Servicing Setting Address / Payment are not recorded
CL-5833 Pricing: Fix issues with Portfolio created by Portfolio Generator