Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6793 Case Summary: add live indicator (padlock on top right) showing who has the Case Lock for editing
CL-6568 Edit multiple Cases at once, when doing Closing Checklist for a tertiary transaction


CL-6823 Privacy Policy Update
CL-6792 Portfolios list: Show Case counts for all Portfolios
CL-6760 Case lists: add Pricing Analyst column
CL-6746 Case Summary: replace tabs by a left menu
CL-6485 Portfolio Deterministic Pricing Report: add Gender column
CL-6402 Pricing: improve efficiency of HybridSolver
CL-6204 Case Summary, Payment History: Record when Premiums are paid and take that into account in Portfolio Valuations.


CL-6838 Case Summary, Case: Unable to enter case if Broker Contact is set and Broker is blank
CL-6836 Import/Export Public API: long running Reports generated in the background do not apply all user permissions correctly
CL-6816 Pricing: Calculation of IRR on LE Date on Deterministic Pricing Results Sheet can be Wrong in Purchase Date is in the same month as Value Date
CL-6815 Upload Data: External Valuation History upload not appearing
CL-6803 Pricing: Policy Year shown in Annual Summary is sometimes incorrect
CL-6377 Audit Log: Ensure Closing Transaction edits are always logged correctly
CL-6261 Audit Log: Order Tracking and Custom Bid not logging changes
CL-6079 Case Summary: duplicate Premium Schedules are being created