Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6704 Valuation Template: Add new option to skip first year of improvement when aging from U/W date
CL-6565 Case Summary: add all Case Export options in Case Summary


CL-6723 Improve memory management on web server
CL-6721 Custom Reports: Speed up calculation of min and max dates for Premium Schedule Data field
CL-6720 Custom Reports: Speed up generation when report doesn’t contain Premium Schedule Data field
CL-6717 Import/Export Public API: Give 404 instead of 500 error for incorrect URLs
CL-6703 User Roles: Convert User Roles page to new style
CL-6690 Custom Reporting: Add Last Change of Health Comment
CL-6674 Portfolio pricing: don’t load Descriptions or Comments


CL-6730 Case Summary, Cost / Maturity / Disposal: NPV / Cost Gain / Loss at Disposal using incorrect fields
CL-6722 Exports and reports: prevent generation for more than 6,000 Cases
CL-6673 Admin, Pricing & Risk, Templates: Created date column is wrong for copies
CL-6647 Unable to delete Offer Letter Templates
CL-6642 Built-in Report: Premiums and NDB report is not correctly reporting RDB schedule adjustments to NDB
CL-6584 Premium Schedule & NDB Streams export: when there is no payment for the month, output 0 instead of a blank cell
CL-6431 Insured, Name Variations: avoid duplicating identical comments during Merge
CL-5863 Alerts: Ensure Documents uploaded via Zip upload trigger correct Document Alerts