Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6586 User Roles: add Audit Report showing all Users and all Roles (accessible by Subscriber Admins)
CL-6585 Portfolio Monte-carlo: add decile report
CL-6576 Custom Reports: add drag and drop to Selected Columns, and prevent Selected Columns from scrolling
CL-6574 Pricing: Add new Valuation Template parameter to subtract 0.5 months from all LE inputs to pricing


CL-6644 Case Summary, Premium Schedules: improve load time
CL-6620 CRM: Update logic to check if CRM is in use
CL-6610 Security: ensure SSL/TLS certificate compliance after Certificate Authority update
CL-6569 Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab, Maturity Claim: add Received Date (in addition to Payment Date and Distribution Date)
CL-6559 Import/Export Public API: Export Custom Reports
CL-6363 Premiums: Add Loan Interest Payment stream to Premium Schedule
CL-6348 Current NDB: display in Portfolio Valuation Results Summary and make available through Custom Reports
CL-6316 Custom Reports: create a copy of a built-in report
CL-6226 Exports / Reports: Add Loan Interest and Principal


CL-6649 Policy tab: Carrier Issue Age not saving calculated value and override separately
CL-6645 Archived Case: Restoring a Case may leave that Case in Case Setup status
CL-6633 Testing: fix some unit tests so they work in different time zones
CL-6630 Insured Obituary Search: Unable to delete individual exclusion
CL-6629 Case Summary, Premium Schedules: Minimum Premium Account Value “Premiums” column should show Total Premiums Paid To Date
CL-6595 Premium Calculator: Cash withdrawals cause incorrect reduction in DB on increasing policies
CL-6590 Case Summary, RDB tab: Values on “Table Parameters” do not clear on ‘CANCEL’ or ‘UNDO’
CL-6563 LE Reports: Don’t allow Aggregate Smoking Status if Underwriter is not Fasano
CL-6441 Case Setup Form and all imports: use Policy defaults (Age Basis, Lapse Basis, Surrender Charge Type, charges and frequencies) from Admin page, like Wizard does.
CL-5993 Case Summary: the Case information bar does not load when the User lacks the Case Data Role