Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6572 Client Development list: add new page in Admin menu (with new Role) to list pending and closed tickets
CL-6552 Case Wizard: Remove Wizard, allow Case creation on Summary page
CL-6256 Obituary Search: Search sites and produce new Report of potential obituaries
CL-6217 Case Summary, Premium Schedule: Allow charges (PPC, PUC, POPC) and COI Value to be editable
CL-5762 Structured Settlements Excel Addin: Add 2015 VBT and add contingent annuities referencing joint lives


CL-6580 Public API: Limit Concurrent usage and add throttling
CL-6484 Case Summary, Illustration: Increase allowed decimal precision for Per Unit Charge, Initial AV/CSV
CL-6382 Admin, Invited Users: allow user invites to Clearlife emails in use by user accounts
CL-6315 Portfolio Valuation: add Description
CL-6220 Servicing tab: add Contact Info for the Carrier’s Claim Department and Check Document Upload
CL-6188 Case Summary, Policy tab: add additional fields (COI, Supplementary Rider, etc…)
CL-5684 Document Types: add Premium Finance Doc, Personal Guaranty, Contract Request Form, COO/COB Forms, Certification of Trustee Powers
CL-5647 Documents tab: New Document Type “Case Underwriting” at Case level


CL-6596 Case Summary, Insured Verifications: unexpected Document deletion
CL-6594 Custom Reports: ensure NLG ordering matches the Policy tab
CL-6593 Case Summary, Premium Schedule: NDB should be able to run to Coverage End Date minus one month
CL-6587 Menu: Ensure Admin menu is hidden when no admin pages available to view
CL-6566 Latest VOC report: Add missing fields Last Loan Amount and Date
CL-6562 Max/Min properties of TextBox do not work correctly when a group (thousand) separator is present
CL-6555 Excel Portfolio Uploader: Transactions not adding Payment Information for Bid
CL-6291 Portfolio Valuation: LE Selection and Blending Rules should only be applied when the Valuation is created