Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6551 Import/Export Public API: new Edit Case functionality
CL-6538 Import/Export Public API: get all data for a single Case in Import format
CL-6171 Built-In Report: new Maturity Report


CL-6560 Case Summary, LE Reports: add Primary Impairment for Fasano and Predictive, Insured ID and Request ID for ITM 21st
CL-6557 Admin, Case Setup: Speed up page and improve handling of special characters in Business Unit and Pricing Analyst fields
CL-6554 Case and Portfolio Import (Excel, XML): reduce data requirements when updating existing Case
CL-6547 Case Summary, Cost / Maturity / Disposal: show Calculated IRR on Pending Maturity and Sold cases
CL-6514 Case Summary, Policy: increase allowed decimal precision for Default Per Unit Charge
CL-6245 Case Summary: new RDB tab
CL-6187 Custom Reports: add missing fields in Case, Insured, Illustration, PS, Payment History and Closing


CL-6570 Case Summary, Cost / Maturity / Disposal: do not show error when IRR calculation fails due to incomplete LE Report
CL-6542 Case Summary, Premium Schedule: Schedule can overrun the Deduction End Date