Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.


CL-6543 Portfolio, List: improve loading time
CL-6486 Case Summary, Policy Tab: Improve layout
CL-6236 Case Summary, Cost / Maturity / Disposal: Allow Date Carrier Notified Of Death to be entered for both Insureds on Joint Policy
CL-6222 Case Summary, Cost / Maturity / Disposal: Add NPV at Time of death, NPV at Purchase, NPV at Disposal
CL-6190 Case Summary, Premium Schedule: Add new Notes tab and update NLG tab


CL-6556 Case Summary, Insured: Fix Google Maps URL
CL-6553 Custom Reports: Closing Events/Items not output when report uses repeating groups
CL-6549 Error from Log, Valuations tab: Error adding Valuation
CL-6548 Custom Reports: Add missing “Initial Notification Type” and “Requested Grace Amount”
CL-6541 Case Summary, Illustration Rows: Unable to enter 0 using num pad when it is the first digit
CL-6540 Error from Log, API: apply consistent authorization to all endpoints
CL-6535 Case Summary, Policy: Lapse Basis, POPC, POP not loading correctly after Save
CL-6136 Premium Schedule & NDB Streams export: fill in monthly “gaps” in NDB amounts for Quarterly or longer periods (manual, illustrated or calculated)