Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6497 Admin, Policy Products: new Excel Upload and Download
CL-6460 Custom Reports: use LE Selection and Blending to select which reports to export


CL-6536 Closing and Maturity: add new fields (SI Account Crediting, Carrier Confirmation Received, 1099-LS, 1099-MISC) for IRS 6050Y
CL-6493 Closing Transaction, Case Participants and Price Allocation: Add Securities Intermediary (IRS 6050Y)
CL-6492 Custom Reports: Add Tax ID to list of fields in Closing Transaction, Case Participants section (IRS 6050Y)
CL-6526 Monte Carlo: Reduce running time when “Calculate Realized IRR” box is checked
CL-6521 Portfolio: Improve Loading times
CL-6496 Add additional Case, Insured, Cost/Maturity/Disposal, Illustration and Premium fields
CL-6512 Life Status 360 Export: Add checkbox to exclude Insureds with DOD
CL-6405 Excel Single Case Export: Include Annual Summary in Premiums sheets
CL-6404 Excel Single Case Export: show Comments from Case
CL-6228 Custom Reports: Add “Use same Settings for both” from Valuation Settings tab
CL-6507 Pricing: Only show coverage end date on excel deterministic output for breakeven if there is no breakeven date
CL-6491 LE Report, Smoking Status: add “Unknown (treat as non-smoker)”
CL-6242 Policy Verification: Add Last Loan Amount and Date


CL-6527 Error from Log, Case Summary, LE Reports: Validation of Impairments on a Life Expectancy Report is not sufficient
CL-6520 Pricing: NLG catch-up payment is made 1 month late in certain situations
CL-6513 Case Summary, Policy: Ensure Policy Product tooltip is displayed when in read-only mode
CL-6503 Escrow submissions: fix secure ftp automation during releases
CL-6498 Excel Uploader, Policy Products: missing Policy Products are created using Case data