Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6420 Deterministic Results Excel sheet: show only joint LE50 and show zero purchase price instead of blank
CL-6340 Case Summary, External Valuation History: new Excel import and export
CL-6193 Insured Consolidation: Allow Consolidation after Import and add LE Reports to Potential Duplicate popup


CL-6471 Email: Improve content of the first email sent to new Users
CL-6418 Pricing: Change breakeven calculation to show coverage end date if policy never breaks even in portfolio excel export
CL-6312 Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab: Add Premium Reimbursement field to Disposal section
CL-6074 Single Case Valuation, Copy To Case: Add warning before overwriting cost data


CL-6488 Insured Consolidation, Linking: Replacing Insured fails to retain Order Tracking & Follow Ups from original
CL-6481 Error from Log, Bid Management, Sent Transaction: Send can fail when using Redaction option
CL-6479 Error from Log, Bid Management, Sent Transaction: Recipient can fail to load after error when sending Case
CL-6478 Error from Log, Valuations tab: Error adding Valuation on Case Summary
CL-6476 Documents tab: Deleting a Life Expectancy Report does not refresh the Linked Entity dropdown on the Documents tab
CL-6444 Case Summary: Ensure field length validation is enforced
CL-6436 Custom Reports: Report names containing :\/?*[] can fail to export
CL-6423 Case Summary, Health Status Contacts and Healthcare Providers: Validation fails to trigger properly after clearing the CRM selection