Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.


CL-6470 Premium Schedules/Payment History/External Valuation History: UI enhancements for upload button
CL-6466 Case Summary, Illustrations: UI improvements to new Illustration rows
CL-6447 Case Summary, Insured LE Reports: Add “Hard Copy” checkbox
CL-6446 Case Summary: Finalize changes for load on demand and reduce clicks
CL-6437 Built-in Report “Portfolio Importer Format (XLSX)”: Improve format and data population to simplify subsequent imports
CL-6426 Case Summary, Order Tracking: Convert to new style
CL-6419 Case Summary, Insured Verification: Add Change in Health “As Of Date” and “Comment”
CL-6411 Servicing Tasks: Allow first period frequency to be triggered by Purchase Date
CL-6160 Case Summary, Premium Schedules: Adjust Manual Premium Schedules based on Start Date: needs to end on Coverage End Date otherwise stream runs too far
CL-6159 Case Summary, Illustrations: edit rows like in MS Excel (drag/drop, copy down or across, copy/paste to/from Excel, right click menu…)
CL-6132 Structured Settlements Excel Addin: Better log for authentication requests
CL-6108 Servicing Tasks: Add “Every Three Years” option
CL-5990 Premium Schedules/Payment History/External Valuation History: Add upload button on tabs with drag & drop


CL-6469 Bid Management, add Sent Transaction: Ensure that the Recipient Company list is always up to date
CL-6455 Bid Management: Cannot edit dates, and unexpected validation error