Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6185 Case Summary, Case: Add new “Settlement Type” field.
CL-6174 Case Summary: New “External Valuation History” tab


CL-6380 Case Summary, External Valuation History: Assign default User roles and improve UI
CL-6368 Pricing: Include new Expiry Proceeds in portfolio calculations
CL-6367 Case Summary: cache rarely changed data to improve page load speed
CL-6355 Case Summary, Valuation Settings: Edit directly on tab, without changing page
CL-6349 Document Type (new) : Medical Record (Insured Verification)
CL-6336 Case Summary, Cost/Maturity/Disposal: Add new Expiry section
CL-6322 Advanced Search: show Snapshots if searched term contains “snapshot” and improve performance of Case searches
CL-6313 Case Summary, Case tab: Allow merging at any time, remove automated merge checks
CL-6295 Pricing: Add Valuation Template Parameters for Other Costs and Origination Fees
CL-6224 Insured: Add Suffix field (Sr, Jr, etc.)


CL-6381 Admin: Adding new user as Clearlife Administrator fails
CL-6371 Portfolio: Whoops page when viewing Portfolio with a Case where the used LE Report does not have any mortality data
CL-6370 Pricing: Solving for Median LE50 sometimes fails on cases with very low mortality factors
CL-6361 Case Summary, Documents Tab: file names containing & incorrectly show the file type not supported warning
CL-6352 Portfolio Import: All zero NDB Payment amounts receives generic error message
CL-6278 Admin/User Logs: doesn’t show Case Reference for Audit Log