Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5785 Public API: new Create Case functionality (integrate with 3rd parties like Salesforce, Quick Base, etc.)


CL-6331 Test DR procedure
CL-6305 Case Summary, Documents: Edit directly on tab, without changing page
CL-6294 LE Reports: Add Underwriter Lapetus
CL-6229 Custom Reports, Maturities: allow to generate by Death Confirmed Date instead of DOD
CL-6201 Case Summary, Cost/Maturity/Disposal: Add Origination Fee to Cost Basis
CL-6192 Case Summary, Policy: Add new “New Death Benefit Information” field
CL-6167 Case Summary, Insured Verification: add a “change in health” checkbox


CL-6357 Pricing: COI extrapolation uses Policy Date instead of Conversion Policy Date
CL-6353 Advanced Search: remove Business Gateway specific fields from the list of search fields
CL-6341 Pricing: future Cash Withdrawals and Loan Payments are not loaded into Premium Schedule when Case is priced inside Portfolio
CL-6329 Valuation Templates: tool tip does not display values correctly in cultures that use “,” as the decimal separator
CL-6317 Pricing: Aged LE50 shown on valuation screen is not correct when using Fasano-only reports
CL-6146 Display of Valuation Template on mouse-over is not wide enough
CL-6144 Pricing: liability management fails when using the Valuation Template parameter “Set Value Date to next Policy monthiversary”