Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6021 New Insured-centric Search page (Insured menu) and new search criteria (SSN, DOB, DOD, Gender, Residence)


CL-6116 LE Selection and Blending: allow Description to be used for all Underwriters, not just User-defined
CL-6107 Case Summary, LE Report: Minor fixes and improvements
CL-6088 Servicing Tasks/Insured Verif: Use Follow-up date to “snooze” overdue tasks
CL-6082 New Test Environment
CL-5999 Update deployment scripts for test environment
CL-5850 Portfolio: Add cases to multiple Portfolios simultaneously
CL-5693 Advanced Search: add Custom Bidding Status
CL-5690 Advanced Search: add “Reason for Declining” from Bid Management
CL-5682 Advanced Search: add Purchase Date Range (from Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab)
CL-5493 Advanced Search: show error when values are missing


CL-6106 Error from log: LE Report list can fail to load with old sort term
CL-6103 Documents: improve validation for required but empty Linked Entity dropdown
CL-6099 Case Summary, Manual Premium Schedule: Cash Withdrawal Net Amount and Cash Withdrawal Surrender Charge are swapped
CL-6089 Case Export to CSV/Excel: “Mortality Factor” should be “Mortality”
CL-6083 Error from log: Saving very long Policy Verification Notes causes error
CL-5964 Case Summary, Cost/Maturity/Disposal: Dollar values displayed incorrectly
CL-5958 Import: show more errors to users (“Workbook does not have a sheet named Premium Schedules”…)