Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-6067 Pricing: Add ability to calculate IRR from Purchase Date on portfolio


CL-6063 Case Summary: improve parallel data loading
CL-5896 XML Export/Import: add Admin option to repeat NDB value on every row, even for Level policies


CL-6064 Bid Management: changes to Origination might not be audited correctly
CL-6055 Closing, Contract Package: Deleting Uncategorized document from document tab will error if used on Contract Package
CL-6032 Excel Uploader: cannot update Weightings in multiple Cases for a Linked Insured in a single file
CL-6030 Custom Reports: Exporting any field in the PS section without the PS Data field will cause blank columns to be exported
CL-6010 Audit: Ensure Entities are fully populated as required
CL-6008 Admin Log: Username is not populated for some actions
CL-6007 Premium Schedule and NDB Streams (XLSX) export on a Portfolio can fail to export when NDB payments are not stored in date order
CL-5995 Pricing: AV/CSV threshold based on following months COI fails when COI is extrapolated
CL-5988 Pricing: Implied mortality factor for lx blended curve not correct when using Fasano mortality table
CL-5868 Excel Uploader: Problems uploading multiple HCP if Specialization is missing
CL-5091 Excel Uploader: When importing the same insured 2+ times, we should display validation error
CL-5085 Insured Servicing: prevent deleting Health Status Contacts or Healthcare Providers in use by Insured Verifications