Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5790 Case Summary, Premium Payment History: Edit directly on the tab, without changing page
CL-5665 Status: add LAPSED (based on new Disposal Type on Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab)


CL-5829 Pricing: show mortality factor on portfolio valuation for cases with only a single LE report
CL-5805 Premium Calculator: Fix target premium charge calculations
CL-5714 Advanced Search: Add “Origination” from Case tab
CL-5713 Advanced Search: Add “All Cases not contained in a Portfolio”
CL-5453 Custom Reports/Portfolio Generator Uploader built-in report: Make exported LE reports and weightings importable
CL-5270 Maturity Pending Cases should not be included in Servicing tasks


CL-5843 CRM: changing Role of Organisation can cause error when editing Price Allocation in Closing Transaction
CL-5830 Pager should be disabled in Add/Edit mode on new-style lists (fees, premium history…)
CL-5827 Built-in report “Portfolio Generator uploader”: update definition as Purchase info has moved
CL-5822 Database Backups: Improving our maintenance scripts
CL-5820 Insured Life tab: Adding existing Document where Insured has potential duplicates fails
CL-5781 Case Summary: the Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab should enable maturity section when DOD is entered on the Insured tab
CL-5735 Excel Case Export: COI curve chart uses incorrect data