Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.


CL-5802 Pricing: change download format in Portfolio Generator to use format suitable for import
CL-5800 Custom reporting: Improvements to “One row per Combined Insured” reports and improvements to “Combined Insureds” columns in “One row per Case” reports
CL-5796 Excel Portfolio Upload: Add a summary screen at the end of the Import rather than showing Insured Consolidation
CL-5783 Premium Schedule: Add Pricing Date field to manual premium schedules


CL-5799 Error from Log: Error saving Policy Verification with Document changes
CL-5798 Pricing: cases with a single full curve LE report fail in portfolio valuation
CL-5795 Pricing: COI curve cannot be generated for illustrations with two rows
CL-5786 Error from log: If case export excel fails to generate, give a better message as to why
CL-5779 Case Summary, Servicing tab: Clicking the Website link doesn’t always go to the page
CL-5767 Case Summary, Policy tab: adding a Policy Product incorrectly shows Case Locked message
CL-5757 Error from Log: Error creating new valuation
CL-5260 Custom Reports: “One row Per Insured” should never be blank