Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5621 Policy: add “Surrender Charge Type” field
CL-5619 Premium Calculator: handle policies that have monthly graded surrender charges


CL-5628 Changes to Admin/File Upload
CL-5627 Case Summary, Grace Notices: convert tab to new style
CL-5622 Premium Schedule and NDB Streams Upload: speed up large uploads
CL-5618 Portfolio List: Rewrite in the new style to improve load time


CL-5633 Insured Verification: Ensure Medical Records From/To Date are saved correctly
CL-5631 Custom Reports: adjust Medical Records fields after move to Insured Verification
CL-5624 Ensure menus work in IE11 so user can logout and use a supported browser instead
CL-5606 XML Export: Exporting Bidding Transactions with more than one Bid fails
CL-5605 Case Summary, Valuation: Sub tabs do not work when viewing valuation
CL-5595 Case Summary, Premium Schedule: Loan Repayment & Lump Sum Payment not updated when Illustration changed
CL-5566 Excel Uploader: Error setting weightings when Mean/Median LE50 values have more than 2 decimal places
CL-5189 Text fields in Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab are not checked for length