Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5612 Custom Reports: Add Healthcare Provider


CL-5620 Change Mime Type, AutoCaseIdentifier, Country and State handling
CL-5617 Performance: improve speed of commonly used database queries
CL-5614 Case Summary, Policy Verifications: load list on tab click only
CL-5610 CRM popup: Improve load time of Organizations and Individuals tabs
CL-5608 Excel Uploader: Allow variations for Smoking, Gender, Lapse Basis and US State (e.g. M/F, MALE/FEMALE, male/female for gender)
CL-5607 Excel Uploader: improve CRM validation
CL-5596 LE Reports: make Underwriters’ names consistent everywhere and allow variations in imports (21st, Twenty First, ITM…)
CL-5594 Case Summary: Upgrade Audit Log tab to new-style (and fix tab switching bug)
CL-5378 Download error: provide better information to the user


CL-5616 CRM: Ensure Individuals section is populated correctly when adding an Organisation
CL-5577 Xml and Excel Import: Transactions show correct date but with incorrect time
CL-5569 Premium Calculator Template/Valuation Template: in edit mode the table name section is not displayed properly
CL-5558 Bid Management, Bid Information Pop-up: Pasting an amount with a currency symbol causes error when saving
CL-5124 Multiple entries created in Organization table can sometimes cause issues