Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5551 Portfolio Snapshot: new popup, filter Cases by Status (MAT, PEND, OWN…)


CL-5563 Case Summary, Insured: move Medical Records into Insured Verification
CL-5602 Case Status: allow SOLD, SURR, MAT and PEND even if Purchase Date/Cost have not been entered
CL-5601 LE Reports, Excel Uploader: make report’s Created Date optional
CL-5592 LE Reports: Add new underwriter Convergence
CL-5591 LE Reports: Ensure all underwriters have Median LE 50 field and include Median LE 50 in Excel export
CL-5600 Fees and Premium History csv upload: allow multiple values on same day with different comments (editing comments via upload not possible anymore)
CL-5587 Premium Calculator: Allow negative CSV values in illustration
CL-5584 Premium Calculator: make lump sum from illustration optional in premium schedule
CL-5564 Premium History VOC Comparison Report, change selection of Reported VOC
CL-5589 Case Summary: add a tool-tip to Illustration “+” button explaining why it is disabled


CL-5586 Premium Calculator: ROP max NDB should be total NDB not just the ROP component
CL-5598 Excel Uploader: CRM problems if all names are missing, or if Relation to Insured is missing for HSC, or if Specialization is missing for HCP
CL-5597 LE Reports: when a report is edited, the valuations that reference that report are not being deleted
CL-5574 LE Reports, Custom Reports: Medical From and To only apply to Elevation, Preditive and LSI. Need to include AVS and Fasano
CL-5590 Case Summary: Case Lock not handled correctly for “clearlife_admin”
CL-5588 Custom Reports: Combined Insureds fields are not output as expected
CL-5585 Adjust Case Lock on Closing Summary and Remove old calculator icon transitions
CL-5583 Documents: Adding uncategorised document gives validation error
CL-5582 Case Summary: Issue viewing or creating Illustrations on users without Servicing permission
CL-5579 Case Summary: Case Locked Message appearing when deleting Insured even though Case isn’t locked
CL-5576 Portfolio Maturities Report: Cases with no illustrations cause “Error pricing” to appear in report
CL-5573 Valuations: broken chart causes Valuation to fail with generic “something went wrong”
CL-5567 Case Summary: A Premium Schedule can be added to a case that hasn’t progressed to Active
CL-5368 Case Setup Wizard: adding more than one document per Illustration stops the case from progressing to Active