Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5543 Case Summary, Insureds/Death Registration: add new fields to uploader
CL-5502 Insured tab: Add “Servicing Notes”, Google Maps link to addresses and update Death Registration layout
CL-5480 Case Summary, Servicing Tab: New “SEI Account” Field
CL-5474 Premium Tracking: Wells Fargo Premium Instruction Report
CL-5473 Insured Servicing: Add Uncooperative checkbox and notes for each Insured


CL-5550 Case Summary, Documents: Add ability to download all documents of a particular document type
CL-5534 Pricing: Allow valuation of cases when PUC/PPC values and Lapse Basis not set on policy
CL-5416 Case Summary, Valuations tab: Add valuation directly on the tab, without changing page


CL-5554 Closing Dashboard: Error generating Report
CL-5552 Case Summary, Valuation: Deterministic Cash Flows Report can fail when Insured DOD is entered after the Valuation was created
CL-5547 Case Summary, Premium Schedule: Premium override payments and lump sum payments on non-Policy monthiversary dates are not handled correctly
CL-5546 Portfolio Valuation: Improve error message generated when a case is set to use Custom IRRs but not Custom IRRs were found
CL-5545 Case Summary, Policy: Tab doesn’t load when Maturity Age is greater than Extended DB Rider Period