Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5503 Case Summary, Policy Verification: Add ability to hide unused fields
CL-5505 Structured Settlement Model: extend to price book of securities
CL-5504 Case Summary, Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab: Add Purchase IRR field
CL-5468 Case Summary, Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab: add Claims Package dates
CL-5467 Case Summary, Insureds/Death Registration: add tracking dates, Source and Notes
CL-5469 Custom Reports: add Maturities and Claims Processing fields


CL-5513 Performance: Improve Database Performance of Search Queries
CL-5501 Case Summary, Cost/Maturity/Disposal tab: Convert to new style
CL-5483 Case Summary: Apply improved coding style to Illustrations


CL-5508 Premiums & Ndb upload: Premium Payment History tab shows Schedule instead of History
CL-5516 Premiums & Ndb upload: Fix for NDB Stream can contain extra date column
CL-5514 Portfolio charts: use ALB for Insured or Policy Age instead of year difference (to match Insured tab, Custom Reports and Portfolio Summary)
CL-5407 Case Summary: Editing Policy while PS is also being edited can cause error
CL-5512 Premium Schedule: no error message for missing Lapse Basis on Policy
CL-5325 Premium Schedule: no error message for missing PUC/PPC frequency on Policy
CL-5509 Premium Schedule: Annual Summary tab shows incorrect values in view mode
CL-5510 Excel Upload: Error when Policy product name is the same but different case
CL-5506 Login: don’t log redirection to MFA challenge page