Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.


CL-5432 Database: improve performance of Case Setting, Case Participants, Custom Report tables
CL-5421 Case Summary: speed up initial load
CL-5411 Portfolio Snapshot: add suffix to Insured Reference (same suffix as Case Reference)
CL-5409 Improve handling of Date and Time
CL-5396 Case Summary, Valuations tab: load list on tab click only
CL-5383 Premium Schedule: allow loan repayments and cash withdrawals after Value Date
CL-5361 Fix Error From Log: don’t log “normal” interrupted file download or webapi request


CL-5434 Premiums & Ndb upload: Don’t override A2E settings
CL-5428 Case Summary: can’t view policy when company has no ratings
CL-5426 Session timeout: ensure new style case summary tabs enforce correct user timeout
CL-5418 Case Summary: Unable to use table features (popup and drag select) on illustration and premiums table at the same time
CL-5415 Case Summary: adding a grace notice to a case causes buttons to stop working on policy, illustrations and premiums tabs
CL-5398 Case Summary, Audit Log: the date field shows UTC instead of local time.
CL-5394 Illustrations: copy down and across (arrows in table header) don’t work in Firefox
CL-5355 Bidding Transactions: Counterparty dropdown is not populated correctly when adding (popup) or viewing
CL-5327 Alerts menu: Cross Browser Compatibility