Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5333 Upload Data: Allow new upload of Premium Schedule and NDB Streams


CL-5380 Policy Verification: Group Policy Insurance Verification: add field for Ported Date
CL-5379 Case summary, prevent user clicking button repeatedly
CL-5377 Custom reporting: Include months of COI remaining
CL-5376 NDB Streams Export: Fix error on export on cases with wrongly ordered import data
CL-5367 Pricing: Add Valuation Template parameter to control table improvement prior to mortality factor solving
CL-5365 Case Summary, Premiums tab: load list on tab click only
CL-5358 WebAPI: Improve logging on WebAPI calls
CL-5357 Alternative Portfolio XML Importer: extend to include premium schedules
CL-5348 Case Summary, Illustration tab: Edit Illustration directly on the tab, without changing page
CL-5285 Subscriber admin: add a page for User Activity Log


CL-5362 Error Log: Fix errors related to mortality tables in Excel export