Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5250 Single Policy Valuation: new tab to show survival probability and cost basis over time


CL-5308 Add Policy number and date to header section
CL-5301 Premium Schedule: Show Surrender Charges Adjusted for Loan
CL-5300 MAPS XML Import: Change Case Reference
CL-5298 Custom Reports: Add City, State and ZIP (separate fields) to Primary Insured and Secondary Insured CRM First Address
CL-5296 Custom Reports: Primary Insured/Secondary Insured: Add “Has Power of Attorney” for all POA Document Types and add “Has HIPAA Release”
CL-5252 Bid Management: Bid expiry – When enabled it should alert for existing future Bid expiry bids
CL-5238 Premium Schedule: Allow manual input of premium payments in optimizer for specified period
CL-5237 Premium Schedule: Allow more decimal places on COI manual input
CL-5204 Custom Reports: Add calculated field, “Rescission Period End Date”
CL-5064 Prevent double clicks in more places


CL-5310 Auto Import Five9: Add detailed log and enable last summary import log link
CL-5309 Fix issue with solving for mortality factor on short LE cases
CL-5304 Excel Export: Frozen Valuations cause invalid monthly cashflow sheets
CL-5297 Loan Repayment Case Causes Incorrect AV and surrender charge
CL-5288 Compliance Checklist PDF: error generating with large portfolios (600+ cases)