Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5256 Add ability to import ‘Alternative 3rd Party’ XML data


CL-5247 Excel Uploader/Bid Management: add Sent and Received Transactions (submit/bid/accept…) to Uploader
CL-5201 Custom Reports: add explanations for Portfolio Name, Seller State and State of Ownership


CL-5274 Speed up Case Summary when there is a lot of Documents
CL-5271 Fix error from log: alert email errors when sending multiple emails
CL-5268 Excel Uploader: Importing fails when “special setting” for large imports is enabled
CL-5267 Order Tracking: Insured or Case is sometimes set when not required – Portfolio Tasks & Follow-ups export crashes
CL-5266 Bid Management: Make tooltips & icons consistent for Received Transactions between Case List and Bid Management page
CL-5265 Insured Verifications: Fix for the pager
CL-5264 Period end dates in distribution report are each 1 period further away from period start dates
CL-5263 Excel export of cases with more than 1 valuation fail
CL-5262 Policy DBRider: web pages allow to 150, fix import to allow to 150 (currently 125).
CL-5230 Market information bid status not shown on bid management screen