Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5194 Custom Reports: Add ability to duplicate Custom Reports


CL-5206 Export: Adjust Broadriver submission format
CL-5202 Custom Reports: Add calculated field, “Total Cost Basis”
CL-5200 Custom Reports: Add Market Information Section
CL-5197 Custom Reports: Add bid management fields: Custom Bid Status, Contact at Counterparty, Add “Reason for Declining”
CL-5193 Rename Start Date to Optimization Start Date where appropriate
CL-5188 AV/CSV shown in assumptions sometimes displays NA
CL-5181 Custom Reports & Export Case as CSV: Fix for numeric policy numbers and case refs with leading zeroes getting removed on export
CL-5180 Insured Verifications: merge types “Contact Details” and “Health Status” into single type “Health And Contact Details”
CL-5179 Servicing Tasks: remove Insured Verification with type “Other” from date calculations
CL-5171 Insured Linking: merge lists of LE Reports, Insured Verifs, HSC, HCP and Medical Records
CL-4900 Portfolio summary table: use “Status” (OWN, SOLD, MAT…) instead of “Last Status” (Active, Open for Bidding…)


CL-5207 Auto Case Reference generates a backtick rather than an A when using PolicyCounterLetter in the template
CL-5198 Date lists are not rolling correctly when start date is after 28th
CL-5192 NLG data is missing from XML export of policy
CL-5191 Calculation of NLG premium is incorrect in certain situations
CL-5186 COI extrapolation is using incorrect number of data points
CL-5115 Fix error from log: Pricing Abort sometimes fails due to database problem