Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5169 Insured tab, Servicing: add new Tracking Agent field
CL-5163 Case tab: Add Case Origination (Secondary/Tertiary)
CL-5137 Add features to handle some types of no-lapse guarantees
CL-4931 Implement Straight Aging


CL-5190 Closing Transaction: after creating, go to Closing Summary (not home page)
CL-5185 Policy tab: add new field “ROP Maximum NDB”
CL-5184 Custom Report: Add Policy Product name from Policy tab
CL-5164 Bid Management: After updating a received bid, return to Bid Management screen
CL-5162 Incorporate premiums paid to date in NLG calculations
CL-5148 Bid Management: overhaul the page to show Sent Transactions, Received Transactions and Market Information on one page
CL-5122 Fix error from log: User import of cases with floating point maturity date


CL-5183 Deterministic pricing mode Value Date not working on single policy pricing
CL-5176 Bid Management: Prevent deleting Custom Bid Status if in use
CL-5165 Auto Case Reference does not work on Case Setup Form (Case Ref ends up blank)
CL-5160 Determine source of whoops errors when pricing cases with missing data
CL-5158 Some Valuation template parameters are exported to excel in incorrect format
CL-4633 Add additional LE selection and blending rule types