Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.


CL-5135 Refactor code: remove unneeded using directives
CL-5129 Cleanup Subscriber administration and roles
CL-5116 Policy, Insured and Servicing tab: add “info zone” around Group Policy fields and make simple labels showing “as of” date
CL-5111 Add new age basis type to handle ANB calculated monthly


CL-5144 Importer: DisposalType overwritten by blank value on import
CL-5141 Servicing Tasks: Remove Matured, Sold and Surrendered policies
CL-5140 Datepicker: Change message that shows when pasting into a datepicker field to be clearer
CL-5138 Insured Lives: Add Most Recent Notes to Healthcare Provider list
CL-5134 Fix error from log: Client Disconnected message
CL-5133 Fix error from log: Whoops on Case Summary for some cases only
CL-5132 Fix error from log: Premium Payments Import crashes on duplicate columns
CL-5131 Fix error from log: Server error on some dropdowns on the Servicing Settings screen
CL-5130 File uploader: Log invalid file extension as verbose error
CL-5128 Premium Payments Report shows first payment address it finds for carrier
CL-5127 Fix error from log: Actual Vs Expected, when PS is incomplete, error is logged instead of shown to user