Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5094 When using Monthly Longevity calculation type, assume u/w dates after 28th are on the 28th


CL-5089 Improve COI calculator code
CL-5079 Refactoring: move pricing testing code out of BusinessServices


CL-5093 Fix premium leg survival probability and accrual in Monthly Longevity calculation
CL-5090 Valuation page: DOD is not showing
CL-5088 Fix error from log: login sometimes fail with “unavailable” because of duplicate data
CL-5087 Fix error from log: improve error message when generating Illustration-based Premium Schedule when the illustration does not have a Premium Mode
CL-5083 Fix error from log: datepicker allows some extreme invalid dates which cause errors