Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet LS! Please contact us if you need more details.

New Feature

CL-5015 Group Policy: Policy Verifications: Add counter party field
CL-4995 Group Policy: Verifications: Retitle VOC as Policy Verifications


CL-5022 Custom Reports: add a user defined “fixed value” column (same text on all rows)
CL-5021 Custom Reports: add Grace Notices
CL-5020 Custom Reports: add Outstanding Order Tracking
CL-5019 Remove Journal under Insured/Servicing/Medical Records
CL-5018 Custom Reports: add Insured/Servicing/Medical Records
CL-5017 Custom Reports: add VOC/Policy Verification
CL-5012 VOC dropdown list on Premium Schedule page and Report popup must show VOC and Annual Statements Only
CL-4999 Group Policy: Policy Verifications: Split page into Tabs
CL-4998 Group Policy: Policy Verifications: Add new Verification Type
CL-4997 Group Policy: Policy Verifications: Rename Verification Type into Communication Type
CL-4996 Group Policy: Policy: New Fields
CL-4991 Improvements to premium calculator page
CL-4928 Custom Reports: Add Illustration main data (not rows), and some LE summary fields


CL-5016 Servicing Tasks/Medical Record Orders: use last Received date and not last To date to drive reminders
CL-5014 Servicing Tasks: when Last Activity Date is empty, Next date is out by one year
CL-5008 Zero underwriter weightings should not be imported
CL-5007 Bug in Help site