We have been busy since the last release notes we sent back in September 2016.
From now on, we will not include release notes with each release, but instead dedicate that time to improve the corresponding Help pages found directly from within ClariNet LS.
Releases will also occur more frequently. They will therefore appear to be smaller. This allows us to improve quality and reduce the time it takes to get a feature out to you.

Here is a roundup of all recent improvements, new features and bug fixes to ClariNet LS. Please contact us if you need details about a particular item.

New Features & Improvements

CL-4965 AutoImport improvement: optimize validation
CL-4964 AutoImport improvement: log error and continue when invalid filename is encountered
CL-4963 AutoImport improvement: files should be downloaded per case, not for the entire import
CL-4962 AutoImport improvement: if Case locked by another user, import should continue to next Case, not crash
CL-4957 AutoImport improvement: allow mht and m4a extensions; ignore invalid extensions during Listing not Case update.
CL-4929 AutoImport: add more options to parse Document Types and place document in correct entity
CL-4952 Excel Uploader: Improve import time
CL-4948 Excel Uploader: CRM consolidation wizard step is taking too long for large portfolios
CL-4867 Excel Uploader: Add Case/Agent+Broker+Provider+Investor+Irrevocable Beneficiary
CL-4883 Custom Report: ability to export LE Reports selected in Valuation Settings (Val or A2E)
CL-4890 Custom Report: add Florida Underwriters License Number
CL-4889 Custom Report: add Broker postal address
CL-4937 Custom Reports: add all newly recently added fields (Policy in particular)
CL-4881 Replace Excel Addin (xla/xls) by proper Excel export (xlsx)
CL-4936 Latest VOC report: add new VOC fields

CL-4940 LE Reports: add Medical From/To and Underwriting Type to Custom Reports.
CL-4921 LE Reports: add Elevation Underwriting, Predictive Resources and LSI
CL-4927 VOC, new fields: Annual COI, Annual Charges, PaidUp Additions Purchased, Total Paid Up Additions, Accumulated Dividends, Dividend Applied To Premium, Dividend Paid In Cash, Next Year COI + new type “Annual Statement”
CL-4941 Policy: new fields Dividend Option, Non-Forfeiture and Renewable. Make Death Benefit Type and Participating available to all policies
CL-4925 Policy, new fields: Conversion Expiry Date, Renewal Term, Grace Period, Insureds Underwriting Class + Ensure Age Basis and Lapse Basis are optional on UI
CL-4924 CRM, new fields: “do not contact” + new address types: Regular Mail/Overnight/Physical + add middle name to Excel uploader + 3rd phone and description
CL-4923 Premium Schedules, new fields: Premium Mode
CL-4922 New Status field: add PEND for Maturity Claim Pending

CL-4960 Health Status Contact: add “Do Not Contact” to table on Insured tab, and add First Name and Last Name to Custom Reports (separately)
CL-4926 Health Status Contact: add column “Preferred Contact Method”
CL-4949 Servicing: Customer Service and Payment contact details not set from Importer
CL-4938 Servicing: Split Customer Service and Premiums contact details, add Addressee to CRM Address

CL-4898 Add ability to stress premium stream by a multiple
CL-4914 In premium calculator allow Guaranteed crediting rate option
CL-4911 Reasonable pricing errors are logged which shouldn’t be

CL-4899 Add ability to filter portfolio by name
CL-4970 Comments: fix pager and sort by date
CL-4945 Speed up Insured Consolidation page
CL-4906 Shorten broker text
CL-4904 Add insured last name to closing dashboard/report
CL-4894 Closing Dashboard adjustments
CL-4888 Compliance Checklist: allow PDF export for portfolio or case list (not just single case)
CL-4887 Handle number format errors on excel portfolio importer
CL-4885 Advanced Search: Policy Product seems to show duplicate, add Carrier name
CL-4884 Faxing: allow Doc to be picked from disk, not Case Documents.


CL-4969 Auto Importer does not import I_ documents
CL-4966 Custom Reports: LE Reports A2E weightings are sometimes blank
CL-4958 Excel Uploader: occasional bug with Contact Address and CRM
CL-4956 Case Agent: selecting an Individual shows an error message on UI or crash Excel Importer
CL-4955 Excel Importer: bug on Wizard, can’t move to next step