Improvements in Valuation, Excel Uploader, Order Tracking and many more improvements and fixes…

New Features and Improvements

  1. [CL-4866] – Add extra rows showing unblended valuations on valuation page
  2. [CL-4863] – Tasks and Follow-ups report: add two options in popup (choose tasks or orders, and outstanding or all) and extra Order columns
  3. [CL-4868] – Excel Uploader: In Insured section, add Life Settlement Date, Country+State of Residence, Meds Start+End Date
  4. [CL-4869] – Order cases by logical Case Reference


  1. [CL-4827] – Creating journal entry inside medical record page causes whoops
  2. [CL-4828] – Adding a medical record from healthcare provider causes whoops when you click to add journal entry
  3. [CL-4862] – Fix tabbing issues on single case valuation page
  4. [CL-4865] – Abort button not working on portfolio calculation pages
  5. [CL-4870] – Click Add Insured and Cancel on single life policy results in Joint Life Payout Type set to Second To Die.
  6. [CL-4871] – Portfolio Summary: Minimum insured age is always 0
  7. [CL-4872] – Cases with very short LE fail to solve for mortality factor
  8. [CL-4873] – Search by portfolio name: no result if name contains % sign
  9. [CL-4874] – Case Setup Form: Policy Type (universal, whole…) is not saved correctly
Release Notes with screenshots are here: Release_Notes_201609.pdf