Send Faxes directly from ClariNet, password security improvements coming soon, monthly cashflow distribution report and many more improvements and fixes…

New Features and Improvements

1.       [CL-4841] Password security improvements

2.       [CL-4825] and [CL-4839] – Send Fax directly from ClariNet

3.       [CL-4814] – Generic Word Templates admin page + download

4.       [CL-4810] – Export Premium Payment History and Fee Payment History

5.       [CL-4823] – Give users the option of monthly cash flows in the distribution report

6.       [CL-4480] – Portfolio Summary: split stats “Nb of Insured Lives” into “Surviving” and “Deceased”

7.       [CL-4831] – Custom Reporting: add extra servicing columns for Premium Payment Instructions report [CL-4808] – Custom Reporting: add Health Status Contacts, Journals, and Hipaa date

8.       [CL-4836] – Servicing Medical Records: make date fields optional

9.       [CL-4837] – Create Case Form: Make Country of Residence and State of Residence optional

10.          [CL-4838] – Bid Management: display Contact for Counterparty (and allow edit)

11.          [CL-4812] – Add missing Policy fields to Excel Importer

12.          [CL-4834] – Improve pricing checks for missing LE Reports and Weightings


13.          [CL-4804] – Fees are being calculated using the illustration NDB instead of PS NDB

14.          [CL-4824] – Portfolio generator ignores valuation settings

15.          [CL-4806] – First Premium is Annualized flag is ignored on illustration

16.          [CL-4807] – Portfolio Valuation ignored Disposal Amount, Date and Type.

17.          [CL-4826] – Servicing tasks with frequency of every two years not show with correct due date

18.          [CL-4830] – Portfolio Composition should show archived cases

19.          Additional bug fixes

Release Notes with screenshots are here: Release_Notes_201607.pdf