Today, we have released a new version of ClariNet. It contains a new help system and some small improvements and fixes.

The new help system will allow us to easily provide more help content. The creation of content is quick and straight forward. Any support answer that we think would benefit all users can be added quickly and easily (like a knowledge base). The help now opens in a new web browser window, so you can read it at the same time as working on ClariNet, no more cumbersome PDF documents. The Glossary will help clarify terms that can sometimes lead to confusion (such as Policy Date or Issue Date). Please bear with us as we convert the old FAQs to the new format and gradually add more information.

New Feature

[CO-4] – Implement Help system with CMS

Improvements[CL-4787] – Speed improvement to Newton Raphson solver[CL-4793] – Add Case Reference column to RollingXX and Premium Payment Instructions reports[CL-4794] – Add Carrier Address dropdown to Servicing tab[CL-4799] – Add Carrier Fax dropdown to Servicing tab[CL-4800] – VOC: show Servicing Carrier fax and address in info zone[CL-4796] – Custom Reporting: add Provider info from Closing/Price Allocations

Bugs[CL-4761] – Issues on single policy valuation screen when using Custom IRR[CL-4798] – VOC and override values are sometimes ignored[CL-4797] – Closing, Price Allocations: “Completed On” date gets automatically inserted[CL-4795] – Replace word “Registration Phrase” by “Registration Key” in user invites

Please contact us if you need further information on any of these items.