A special release focused mainly on improvements to Custom Reporting. You now have access to more than 320 ClariNet fields. Amongst other things, you can output all the LE Reports, Transactions or Premium Schedules for each Case and  you can present data in rows or columns. There are some other improvements and fixes too!

Custom Reporting Improvements
  1. [CL-4754] – Custom Reporting: allow users to show multiple items from collections (LE Report…)
  2. [CL-4755] – Custom Reporting: add option to output one row per transaction (not just one row per case)
  3. [CL-4768] – Custom Reporting: cases/transaction in columns rather than rows (transpose)
  4. Export Premium Schedules
  5. [CL-4753] – Custom Reporting: expand/collapse icon for each section
  6. [CL-4756] – allow users to search transactions (not cases) by date range and event type
  7. [CL-4739] – Portfolio CSV Export: speed it up by using Custom Reportings (bypass xml)

Other Improvements

  1. [CL-4749] – Policy Carrier: Add more details to AMBest tooltip, like AMBest Company Number
  2. [CL-4760] – Add Death benefit Type to advanced search
  3. [CL-4751] – Remove LegalEntity ReferenceCode (related to AmBest ingest)


  1. [CL-4758] – Use of management fees causes whoops when exporting valuations
  2. [CL-4759] – IRR export scenario setting are not being displayed as percentages
  3. [CL-4763] – Single Case Valuation: ensure Premium Schedule from Val Settings is selected
  4. [CL-4764] – If a realized IRR calculation fails on portfolio valuation screen, saving fails
  5. [CL-4766] – Advanced Search, Last Closing Event: inconsistent results when multiple events have same date
  6. [CL-4767] – Advanced Search: Closing Counter party doesn’t work when selecting more than one

Release Notes with screenshots and how-tos are here: Release_Notes_201602_reporting.pdf